How Far Is Cocoa Beach From Kissimmee? The Top Cocoa Beach Attractions

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Florida. It is known as the Sunshine State, and for a good reason. Neighbors to the north are usually desperate to escape their cold winters and catch some warmth in the state known for good sun rays.

Tourism numbers support this, as over 122 million tourists visited Florida in 2021.

A big reason why tourists come to Florida is because of the great beach towns that the state offers. One of these beach towns is called Cocoa Beach.

Why should you travel to Cocoa Beach? What makes it stand out? How Far Is Cocoa Beach From Kissimmee?

Here are some of the best Cocoa Beach attractions available for you.

How Far Is Cocoa Beach From Kissimmee?

The first thing you should know is where exactly Cocoa Beach is. Well, the answer is it is on the central eastern shoreline of Florida.

It is right next door to a famous part of Florida called Cape Canaveral. For those of you that are unfamiliar, this is the area where Kennedy Space Center is and where you can view rocket ships launching into outer space.

What else is that known for? It is one of the main cruise ports in the state of Florida. So, you will see plenty of cruise chasers hovering around this part of the state.

As far as other relevant parts of the state, it is near a few other notable cities too. For instance, Cocoa Beach is only one hour by car to Orlando. On top of this, it is about a 70-minute drive to Kissimmee.

Cocoa Beach Attractions

Now that you have an idea of what part of the state Cocoa Beach is in, it is time to see what that area has to offer for you. These are some of the most notable attractions in the Cocoa Beach area.

Sands Space History Center

As mentioned above, Cocoa Beach is a stone’s throw away from the Kennedy Space Center. This is where many rocket launches have occurred, so any aspiring astronaut is going to want to visit this area.

Well, what if we were to tell you Cocoa Beach can offer something for that crowd? There is the Sands Space History Center for those that want to dive deeper into the history of this field.

You can learn more about the history of space exploration, what technology goes into space launching and landings, view some displays to see some of these objects up close, and more.

Do you want to know the best part? The museum is free! So, for those curious about this field and looking for an activity that is friendlier on the wallet, perhaps consider visiting this historic center.

Watch a Rocket Launch

Do you want to do one better? This area has viewing areas where you can watch a rocket launch!

Of course, this activity is going to be time permitting due to the unpredictable schedule of rocket launches. Your best bet is to do some research on when the next scheduled rocket launch will be in this area.

Globally, there were 135 successful space launches in 2021.

Once you find that, plan a trip to Florida around that schedule and try to get there in sufficient time. However, keep in mind that with this option, it can be a little bit of a gamble to plan a trip around this.

The reason for that is possible weather delays and mechanical issues. Keep those in mind before going forward.

Go Kayaking

Another thing that you can do in the Cocoa Beach area is to go kayaking. Since this area is more of a peninsula, you have several options for places to go kayaking here.

You even have the option to go kayaking at night if you choose the right location around here. Those that choose to pursue kayaking, they may want to see if they can find any manatees or dolphins in the water.

Those that do tend to find the experience very memorable. So, pick up a kayak and see if you can spot them yourself.


Do not forget that Cocoa Beach is a beach, so that means that you have the opportunity to take part in plenty of watersports. You can take this as an opportunity to learn how to surf at a surfing school and then try your luck out in the water.

If you prefer something a little more adventurous, you have the opportunity to go kiteboarding as well. On top of this, you can go on a paddle board, try your luck at catching a fish, and more.

Relax on the Beach

If you know that this is a beach town, you do not have to make this too complicated. You may not be someone that likes to go in the water. Or, you could be someone that likes to relax on vacation.

All of these things are ok. What you can do instead is relax on the beach. This could be anything from getting your tan on to reading a good book, building a sandcastle, taking in a view of the ocean, and more.

See More Cocoa Beach Attractions

These are some of the best Cocoa Beach attractions that the area has to offer. For those looking for some excitement, try one of the many watersports available or go kayaking.

For those into space exploration, go to a history center or go watch a rocket launch. Or, for those that want to just relax on the beach, take a seat on the sand and do just that.

Do you want to know more? Read about what attractions our beach town offers by clicking that link.

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