Hotels in Cocoa Beach with a Pool (Our Favorites)

Hotels in Cocoa Beach with a Pool

For families seeking an idyllic combination of beachfront relaxation and poolside fun, Cocoa Beach offers an array of options that cater to your desires. This guide is dedicated to families in search of family-friendly hotels in Cocoa Beach with a pool, with a focus on their inviting pools and the distinctive experiences they provide for creating cherished memories.

1. Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront’s pool is right next to the ocean

hilton cocoa beach oceanfront with a pool

Nestled along the pristine shoreline, the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront extends a warm welcome to families. With its prime beach location, this hotel’s pool area complements the oceanic beauty. The heated pool, ideal for year-round use, takes center stage, offering both rejuvenating swims and family splashes. In the image below right beyond the treeline in the next to the pool is, yes you guessed it, direct ocean access!

hiltol cocoa beach oceanfront with a pool

The Hilton also boasts a poolside bar, a delightful haven for refreshments and snacks. As the day winds down, gather around the fire pits for a cozy evening of s’mores and storytelling, adding a touch of magic to your family’s vacation.

Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront pool area next to the beach

Not only do they have a pool, they have a splash pad as well

Looking at the image below with the splash pad pretty much says it all about the vibe at this family-friendly vacation spot. We particularly love how at this vacation spot in Cocoa Beach, a family can enjoy a pool, and splash pad all while visualizing the ocean beyond the mangroves.

hilton cocoa beach oceanfront with a splash pad next to the pool

Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront is an easy choice for people and families when it comes to finding a great hotel in Cocoa Beach with a pool. Please find more information about this hotel here.

The Tiki Bar stands as a vibrant oasis of relaxation and delight. With its tropical ambiance and panoramic views of the ocean, this beachfront haven offers an unforgettable experience. Guests can unwind in the shade of swaying palm trees while sipping on refreshing cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists. The Tiki Bar’s laid-back atmosphere provides the perfect setting to enjoy casual conversations with friends and family, all while basking in the gentle sea breeze. Whether you’re savoring a signature drink or indulging in a delectable snack, the Tiki Bar at Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront promises to elevate your beachside escape to new heights of enjoyment.

2. Pool at Hilton Garden Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

pool at Hilton Garden Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Families in search of refined comfort will appreciate the Hilton Garden Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront. Its pool area is a testament to its thoughtful design, featuring a spacious heated pool for enjoyable swims and water activities. I mean just look at the image above. The ambiance of the image above captures the upscale vibe of the perfect pool at a beach hotel.

Pool service with a bar and full restaurant on-site

pool at Hilton Garden Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront with pool side service and bar

The Hilton Garden Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront‘s poolside bar is a tropical paradise in itself. With its laid-back charm, this bar offers a respite from the sun while still enjoying the outdoors. Guests can savor signature cocktails and refreshing beverages in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by the hotel’s lush surroundings. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and indulge in flavorful drinks while basking in the pool’s proximity.

Starlite Restaurant and Bar is right next to the pool.

Starlite restaurant inside hilton garden inn cocoa beach right by the pool

At Hilton Garden Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, dining takes center stage with the on-site restaurant, Starlite. This culinary haven offers a delectable journey through a range of flavors. From breakfast to dinner, Starlite delivers a memorable dining experience. Guests can savor a variety of dishes crafted with care, from hearty breakfast classics to fresh seafood and innovative creations. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance and attentive service make it a destination for not only satisfying hunger but also enjoying cherished moments with loved ones.

3. Beachside Hotel And Suites Cocoa Beach has a lazy river pool

beachside inn and suites lazy river pool in cocoa beach

Beachside Inn and Suites in Cocoa Beach offers a unique and enticing feature: a lazy river pool. This aquatic haven takes relaxation to new levels, allowing guests to float along gentle currents, soaking in the sun and scenic views. The lazy river winds through lush landscapes, creating a serene escape from everyday life. Families and individuals alike can unwind on inflatable rafts, gliding effortlessly through the refreshing water. The lazy river pool at Beachside Inn and Suites promises hours of tranquil enjoyment, making it a standout feature for those seeking a truly laid-back vacation experience.

Beyond the pool, the hotel’s genuine hospitality and cozy ambiance create an inviting atmosphere. Families can explore the local area together, discovering hidden gems and creating lasting memories.

4. Ocean Landings Resort and Racquet Club pool and direct beach access

Ocean Landings Resort and Racquet Club in Cocoa Beach, is a haven for families seeking an all-encompassing experience. The resort boasts an expansive pool area with multiple pools catering to various preferences, from relaxation to water sports.

ocean landings in cocoa beach with a pool and beach access

Ocean Landings stands out with its wealth of family-friendly facilities, including mini-golf, tennis courts, and a movie theater. Children’s activities and a game room ensure that families are entertained throughout their stay.

Ocean Landings Resort in Cocoa Beach with direct beach access

Not only does Ocean Landings have a rather large pool, but direct beach access as well. If you are someone looking for a quiet part of Cocoa Beach, this is the spot for you. It is a private part of the beach and being a little further north on A1A, it has almost a secluded beach feel. This resort truly captures the quiet small-town beach feel, all while being just a few minutes walk from restaurants, music, and nightlife in downtown Cocoa Beach.

ocean landings in cocoa beach with beach access

Now you know our favorite Hotels in Cocoa Beach with a Pool!

Cocoa Beach invites families to embark on an unforgettable adventure. These Hotels in Cocoa Beach with a Pool, each with its unique pool offerings, serve as the backdrop for creating enduring memories. Whether you’re drawn to the playful luxury of Hilton, the family-focused design of Hilton Garden Inn, the cozy charm of Beachside, or the diverse experiences at Ocean Landings, each hotel promises a memorable stay tailored to families’ needs.

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