Legendary Cruises from Port Canaveral

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Cruises from Port Canaveral

Welcome to Cape Canaveral, the go-to place for anyone setting off on cruises from Port Canaveral. Here, you’re not just starting your sea voyage; you’re stepping into a your getaway from it all.

MSC Cruise Line at Port Canaveral

MSC Cruise Line from Port Canaveral

Discover the magic of setting sail with MSC Cruise Line from Port Canaveral. Located just 54 miles from Orlando, embark on a captivating cruise to the Bahamas or Caribbean, complete with exclusive island visits and unforgettable experiences.

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Celebrity Cruises from portal canaveral

Celebrity Cruises from Port Canaveral

Embark on a Celebrity Cruise from Port Canaveral, just a short distance from Orlando’s attractions. This gateway offers an easy start to voyages exploring the Caribbean’s beauty, including exclusive island visits and cultural experiences.

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Princess Cruise Line at Port Canaveral

Princess Cruise Line at Port Canaveral

Embark with Princess Cruise Line at Port Canaveral for a seamless transition from the wonders of the Space Coast to the serene Caribbean islands. Discover exclusive itineraries and create unforgettable memories before even setting sail.

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Disney Cruise Line from Port Canaveral

Disney Cruise Line from Port Canaveral

Set sail with Disney Cruise Line from Port Canaveral, the gateway closest to Orlando, and step into a world of magic. From themed entertainment to unique destinations, embark on Orlando’s most enchanting cruise adventure, where every journey promises memorable moments for every family member.

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Cruises from Port Canaveral Orlando's Cruise port

Cruises from Port Canaveral - Orlando's Cruise Port

Port Canaveral is known as Orlando’s port, being the closest option for cruisers in the area. It’s a convenient spot for those looking to start their sea journey from Orlando, linking the city’s attractions directly to a variety of cruise destinations. Whether you’re heading out on a Disney cruise or exploring the Caribbean, Port Canaveral makes it easy to transition from Orlando’s fun to the open sea.

Snooze and Cruise Hotel Packages for Your Cruise from Port Canaveral

  1. Ocean Landings Resort in Cocoa Beach partners with Go Port Canaveral to offer a “Snooze n Cruise” package. This all-in-one package includes hotel accommodations, free parking while cruising, and shuttle transfers to the cruise ship and back to your vehicle​​.

  2. Cocoa Beach Suites offers a “Snooze & Cruise” package that includes transportation for two from the airport to the hotel, a night at the hotel, transportation to the cruise ship, and transportation back to the airport after the cruise​​.

  3. Go Port provides a comprehensive list of hotels offering Snooze Park Cruise packages near Port Canaveral. These packages come with hotel accommodations, cruise parking, and round-trip ship transfers. Some of the hotels listed include Fairfield Inn & Suites Titusville, Quality Inn Titusville, Best Western Titusville, Ocean Landings Cocoa Beach, and several others in the Melbourne and Cape Canaveral areas​​​​.

  4. Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach is also mentioned as an option for those looking for Snooze’n’Cruise packages, indicating a variety of accommodations catering to different needs and preferences​​.

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