Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures

Imagine navigating through a canopy of beautiful live oak trees, suspended 45 feet in the air, tackling 49 unique challenges. Welcome to Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures, where excitement meets nature in the heart of Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures offers seven distinct trails, separated by three levels of difficulty, allowing participants to choose obstacles that match their comfort level. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a cautious climber, you can move at your own pace and challenge yourself individually rather than in a group.

This park is perfect for all ages, strengths, and adventure levels. It provides an opportunity to move your body, test your problem-solving skills, and confront your fears—all while soaking in the Florida sunshine.

New Thrill: The Free Fall

For those seeking an extra thrill, try the new Free Fall experience. Climb over 40 feet up to the top of the main treehouse, step over the guard railing, and take a leap into the unknown. This leap of faith is not just a challenge; it’s a memorable adventure from start to finish.

Recognized Excellence

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures has been featured by “Stay in Cocoa Beach,” a family business renowned for exceptional beachfront vacation properties and outstanding customer service. The park has also been voted one of the “10 Best” Aerial Adventure Courses in the USA by USA Today for five consecutive years (2019-2023).

More Than Just Fun

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures isn’t just about individual fun. It’s also an excellent venue for birthday parties, group adventures, and team-building activities. The park offers birthday packages starting at $275 for six guests, including a reserved covered table, a t-shirt for the birthday person, and a free group photo. For groups, the park provides a setting to enhance communication, teambuilding, and leadership skills, proving that outdoor activities can boost motivation and productivity.

Local Love Season Pass

The park loves its local community and offers a Local Love Season Pass, allowing frequent visits. It’s a fantastic way to use the park as your workout space, waking up muscles you didn’t know you had.

Visit Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures is open daily, with varying hours throughout the year. Check on their website for the latest availability. Call them at 321-613-0047 if you have any questions. Join in for an unforgettable adventure and see why Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures is rated the #1 outdoor activity in Cape Canaveral on TripAdvisor.

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures awaits—discover your next great adventure! To find more awesome attractions around Cocoa Beach visit our Cocoa Beach Attractions page.

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures: Trail Descriptions

Green Course A – Beginner

  • Musical Chairs (38′): Navigate your way across a series of suspended chairs.
  • Big Catch (32′): Balance on a swaying platform designed to mimic a fisherman’s big catch.
  • Gator in the Grass (24′): Step carefully across a narrow beam.
  • Suspension Bridge (28′): Cross a classic suspension bridge.
  • Grate Bridge (25′): Walk over a grated bridge with a see-through bottom.
  • Sentry Crawl (23′): Crawl through a low, enclosed pathway.
  • Mini Zip (52′): Enjoy a brief zip line ride to finish the course.

Green Course B – Beginner

Balance on floating buoys
  • Broken Bridge (28′): Cross a bridge with missing planks.
  • Buoy Balance (23′): Balance on floating buoys.
  • Butterfly Bridge (19′): Navigate across a bridge shaped like butterfly wings.
  • Wagon Wheel Walk (24′): Step from wheel to wheel on this creative bridge.
  • Catwalk (30′): Balance on a narrow, elevated walkway.
  • Mini Zip (60′): Glide down a zip line for a fun finish.
  • Sand Dollar Bridge (27′): Step across platforms shaped like sand dollars.

Green Course C – Beginner

  • Bigfoot Bridge (27′): Walk across a bridge with oversized steps.
  • Zig Zag Traverse (27′): Traverse a zigzagging path.
  • High Step (25′): Step high to make it across this elevated bridge.
  • Penguin Walk (31′): Waddle your way across a narrow beam.
  • Missing Link Bridge (30′): Cross a bridge with missing links.
  • XOXO Bridge (26′): Navigate a bridge designed with X’s and O’s.
  • Beaver Dam (21′): Cross a beam resembling a beaver dam.
  • Mini Zip (70′): End with an extended zip line ride.

Yellow Course A – Intermediate

  • Net Crossing (38′): Climb across a suspended net.
  • Multivine (32′): Swing from vine to vine.
  • Cargo Traverse (24′): Cross using cargo nets.
  • Jellyfish (28′): Maneuver through jellyfish-like obstacles.
  • Swiss Wall (25′): Scale a wall with Swiss cheese-like holes.
  • Charlie Chaplin Rings (23′): Swing across rings like Charlie Chaplin.
  • Mini Zip (52′): Finish with a zip line ride.

Yellow Course B – Intermediate

  • Skyak (28′): Balance on suspended kayaks.
  • Pirates Crossing (23′): Navigate a pirate-themed bridge.
  • Tarzan (19′): Swing from rope to rope like Tarzan.
  • Burma Bridge (24′): Cross a classic Burma bridge.
  • Criss Cross (30′): Traverse crisscrossing ropes.
  • Mini Zip (60′): Enjoy a longer zip line ride.
  • Crooked Crossing (27′): Cross a wobbly, uneven bridge.

Yellow Course C – Intermediate

  • Bottomless Burma (27′): Cross a high Burma bridge with a challenging twist.
  • Lily Pad Leap (27′): Jump from lily pad to lily pad.
  • Spiders Web (25′): Navigate through a web of ropes.
  • Bird on a Wire (31′): Balance on a wire high above.
  • Ring Walk (30′): Walk across a series of rings.
  • Hourglass (26′): Cross a bridge shaped like an hourglass.
  • X Marks the Spot (21′): Step across X-shaped platforms.
  • Mini Zip (70′): Finish with the longest zip line ride.

Red Course 1 – Advanced

  • Wiggle Walk (38′): Balance on a wiggling bridge.
  • Swing Dance (32′): Swing from platform to platform.
  • Cargo Traverse (24′): Cross using challenging cargo nets.
  • Ring Swing (28′): Swing across rings suspended high above.
  • Oh Buoy (25′): Balance on buoys in the air.
  • Twisted Trees (23′): Navigate a path through twisted tree-like structures.
  • Mini Zip (52′): Conclude with an exhilarating zip line ride.

Each course at Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures offers a unique set of challenges designed to cater to different skill levels, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect adventure.

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