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Best Bars in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, known for its laid-back vibe and picturesque beaches, also boasts a vibrant bar scene. Each bar in this beach town offers a unique experience, from rooftop views to live music. The Sandbar Sports Grill, famous for its beachfront location, serves up a lively atmosphere with its renowned fish tacos and live bands. Coconuts on the Beach is another gem, where patrons enjoy ocean views and a wide selection of cocktails, making it an ideal spot for sunset watchers. For craft beer enthusiasts, Cocoa Beach Brewing Company is a must-visit, offering locally brewed beers in a cozy, historic setting. This diverse selection ensures that every night out in Cocoa Beach is memorable, catering to all tastes.

  1. Rikki Tiki Tavern: Known for its tropical cocktails and ocean views, located at 401 Meade Avenue​​.
  2. Beach Shack Bar: A laid-back bar with live musical performances, located at 1 Minutemen Causeway​​.
  3. The Pig and Whistle: A British Pub offering a variety of beers and British bites, located at 240 N. Orlando Avenue​​.
  4. Coconuts on the Beach: A vibrant beachfront spot with Caribbean flavors, located at 2 Minutemen Causeway​​.
  5. Nolan’s Irish Pub: An authentic Irish experience with live music, located at 204 W Cocoa Beach Causeway​​.
  6. Lulu’s: Known for its eclectic vibe and handcrafted cocktails, located at 34 S Atlantic Ave​​.
  7. Tropics Cocktail Bar: A place with a tropical vibe, offering handcrafted cocktails, location not specified​​.
  8. The Alibi Cocktails & Bites: Perfect for an intimate evening, located in downtown Cocoa Beach​​.
  9. The Dunes Cocoa Beach: Known for quirky decor and handcrafted cocktails, location not specified​​.
  10. Heidi’s Jazz Club: An upscale jazz club, located at 7 N Orlando Ave​​.

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